710ESPN audio: NFC West Week 10

Passing along: audio from our latest NFC West discussion on 710 ESPN Seattle.

We discussed the Seattle Seahawks' chances against Baltimore, Frank Gore's ability to play through ankle problems, Kevin Kolb's shaky health status and the St. Louis Rams needing more from their offense.

Meanwhile, 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman gave the only answer he could realistically give when asked whether the team could win with Alex Smith attempting 40 passes in a game. He said yes, but if the 49ers attempt that many passes in a game, it's probably more out of necessity than by design. These situations would be unfavorable ones, by definition, skewing the results compared to those for quarterbacks whose teams attempt more passes by design.

Roman and coach Jim Harbaugh were known for their power running game even when they coached Andrew Luck at Stanford. They want balance.

The 49ers are 1-7 over the years when Smith attempts 40-plus passes. Smith has completed 58.8 percent with 10 touchdowns, six interceptions and a 257-yard average in these games, good for a 78.2 NFL passer rating that is slightly above his 75.2 career rating.