Fines: What to expect for Chancellor, others

The Seattle Seahawks' Kam Chancellor incurred a $20,000 NFL fine for a helmet-to-helmet hit on a defenseless receiver, Anquan Boldin, during the team's victory over Baltimore in Week 10.

Chancellor could be subject to another fine after a helmet-to-helmet hit on St. Louis Rams tight end Lance Kendricks during Seattle's victory at St. Louis in Week 11. If the league determines Chancellor committed the same penalty in back-to-back weeks, a fine of at least $40,000 would seem likely, in my view.

I've put together a chart showing the NFL's schedule of fines for the 2011 season. Fine amounts are minimums. Players and owners agreed upon the fine schedule as part of their latest labor agreement. Per that agreement, the league reserves the right to issue larger fines and also to suspend players, depending on the circumstances.

"This will include a determination of whether the infraction occurred 'during the normal course of the game' (e.g., was consistent with the competitive tempo, pace and situation) or 'outside the normal course of the game' (e.g., was flagrant, unnecessary, avoidable or gratuitous)," the league wrote in explaining its fine schedule.

Fine information usually becomes available on Fridays unless players disclose the information earlier.

Beyond Chancellor's case, I'll be interested in finding out whether Arizona's Early Doucet and/or San Francisco's Dashon Goldson face fines for fighting. First-time offenders can incur fines of at least $25,000 for fighting.


2011 NFL Schedule of Fines (minimum amounts)