'This guy hasn't done a thing in the NFL'

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Michael Crabtree stands no chance in the court of public opinion.

It's a privilege to play in the NFL, the thinking goes, and draft choices should just take what teams are offering. When players refuse to sign, teams control the story lines through the media because their employees -- coaches, executives and sometimes players -- are the ones framing the subject publicly.

49ers radio analyst and former linebacker Gary Plummer did more than frame the subject during his recent conversation with Dave Mahler and Hugh Miller of KJR 950 in Seattle. He took on Crabtree the way he might have taken on an opposing guard in his playing days.

Plummer: The 49ers were shocked to see him fall to them at the No. 10 position. He wasn't even in their sights. They didn't think they would have a shot at him. So they have to take a little bit of the blame for being so enamored with his skills. But Michael Crabtree, Deion Sanders, their agent in Eugene Parker, the cousin of Michael Crabtree, they are all morons. They are all ridiculous idiots as far as I am concerned. You take 100 guys who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. This league was built on their backs. And yet, I guarantee, you take 100 Hall of Famers, add up the total amount of money they made in their entire career, it's not even close to what that signing bonus is that the 49ers are offering. This guy hasn't done a thing in the NFL. Dude, break a sweat first, prove yourself and then you are going to get big bucks. Right now, you have done nothing. Sign your contract, get into a 49er uniform, prove you deserve that money and the 49ers will take care of you on the next one.

Crabtree would have a better chance getting open against Eric Wright and Ronnie Lott in their primes than he would winning the public relations battle as an unsigned draft choice heading into Week 2. His image will continue to take a pounding until he signs.