Faulk lays into the Rams

After taking a beating in Philadelphia, the Rams returned home to take a beating from one of their all-time great players. Marshall Faulk, upset with the state of the organization, said age and bum knee might not stop him from getting 100 yards rushing and another 100 yards receiving against the current Rams defense.

Among the highlights:

  • Faulk wouldn't have paid top dollar to Steven Jackson because the Rams will be playing catchup most of the season, devaluing the running back position;

  • The Rams don't have enough of the right players or coaches. "It's preparation, it's understanding what you have, it's having guys that are reliable," Faulk said.

  • The Rams were so bad against the Eagles that they should refrain from watching video of the game for fear of damaging confidence.

Faulk, in his interview with Team 1380, was at his most pointed when talking about the defense and coordinator Jim Haslett:

"I like Jim. I've always thought highly of him. And I don't know, maybe he's upset of the old Rams-Saints days and he's throwing games or whatever. Some of the things I saw happening out there the other day, I wonder when he sat in his office yesterday morning, what was his mindset? Was he thinking, 'I need to change it up.' Was he thinking, 'My players screwed it up.' Or was he thinking that he messed it up? Because one of the three things happened, or needs to happen."

That's about as harsh as it gets one week into a season. Losing to the Eagles in the opener wasn't as important as how the Rams lost to the Eagles. They lost ugly and that makes it tough for a team coming off a 3-13 record.