Will Rams protect Bradford with run game?

SEATTLE -- Sam Bradford has struggled during his second season for a variety of reasons.

Getting him back Monday night still improves the St. Louis Rams' chances against Seattle, and probably by a significant margin. Backup A.J. Feeley isn't available. The other backups, Tom Brandstater and Kellen Clemens, have spent little time with the team and lack Bradford's talent.

From a Rams standpoint, I'm most interested in seeing whether the coaching staff tries to protect Bradford by leaning more heavily on Steven Jackson and the running game. The Rams conceded the run during their 24-7 home defeat to Seattle in Week 11.

Conditions for passing the ball could improve with Mark LeVoir returning to take over at left tackle for the Rams. But crowd noise will still be a problem. And even if the line is better with LeVoir on the left side and Adam Goldberg moving back to the right, the Rams are still facing a formidable defensive front on the road with a pair of backup tackles.