Update: RB contract situations in NFC West

Watching the St. Louis Rams' Steven Jackson go to waste during another lost season raised a good question in the comments section of a recent "silver linings" item.

"How long is Jackson's contract?" OleSagginSeahawk asked.

That depends. Jackson's deal runs through the 2013 season, but the contract can void* after this season if Jackson finishes with at least 1,101 yards rushing and 516 yards receiving. Reaching those milestones would give Jackson an average of 1,200 yards rushing and 400 yards receiving per season through the deal's first four years, triggering voidable clauses.

Jackson needs 206 yards rushing and 294 yards receiving over the Rams' final three games. The rushing total seems reasonable. The receiving total would require more plays like the 50-yard catch-and-run Jackson had against Seattle on Monday night.

Jackson has never surpassed 228 yards receiving over a three-game period. He reached that three-game figure twice over a four-game stretch in 2006, according to a check of his game logs on Pro Football Reference. He has never surpassed 110 yards receiving in a three-game period since Steve Spagnuolo became head coach in 2009.

With Jackson likely remaining under contract, the Seattle Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch stands as the high-profile NFC West back with the best chance at reaching free agency.

The chart shows contract information for NFC West running backs. Salary figures sometimes change based on incentives. The San Francisco 49ers' Frank Gore has a $3.6 million roster bonus in 2012.

NFC West Running Backs