McDaniels' situation and the Rams' future

Adam Schefter's latest "10 Spot" gives Josh McDaniels credit for seeing what others could not see in Tom Brady, Matt Cassel and Tim Tebow.

One passage stood out from all the others from an NFC West perspective:

No one around the league would be surprised if Kansas City and its general manager, Scott Pioli, who worked with McDaniels in New England, made a hard run at him as the successor to Todd Haley. New England would always have a spot for McDaniels. And St. Louis wants to keep him even when change is likely to shake up the organization.

McDaniels' situation complicates whatever decisions the team makes regarding its coaching staff. If the team does decide to part with Steve Spagnuolo, asking a new head coach to retain an existing coordinator could make the job less appealing to potential candidates.

Seeking continuity for the sake of continuity can also be counterproductive. The San Francisco 49ers found this out when they embraced a second season with the Mike Singletary-directed Jimmy Raye as their coordinator in 2010. The team spent all offseason talking about how stemming coordinator turnover would finally pay off, only to fire Raye a few games into the season.

McDaniels has a stronger pedigree than Raye, but there are other reasons the Rams must be careful about making big decisions with continuity in mind. The Rams have known all along McDaniels could ultimately leave for another job within the next couple seasons. Schefter lays out the possibilities in his 10 Spot.

The Rams cannot go out of their way to keep McDaniels as coordinator if they think he might leave anyway. Naming McDaniels as Spagnuolo's replacement stands as another way to maintain continuity. Rams fans would probably revolt given how poorly the team has played on offense this season. McDaniels' tenure as the Denver Broncos' head coach was short and did not end well.

The Rams hired McDaniels because they thought the risks were worth the potential shorter-term rewards. They thought he could help Sam Bradford become another Brady, or close to it. There have been no rewards for St. Louis so far, however.

The Rams' offense has fallen apart. Bradford has been injured and has arguably regressed. Some of the players St. Louis acquired for previous coordinators -- center Jason Brown and other offensive linemen come to mind -- appear to fit less well under McDaniels. Perhaps those players were on their way out anyway. The Rams have decisions to make.