Warner discusses Fitzgerald, Cardinals

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Kurt Warner seemed to be having fun with Mike Jurecki and Dan Bickley on XTRA910 in Phoenix when he addressed Week 1 struggles and Larry Fitzgerald's apparent frustration after finishing with four catches for 34 yards in Week 2. Full audio here.

Warner was at his self-deprecating best when asked about critics writing him off as too old following the Cardinals' defeat to the 49ers in the opener.

Warner: "Well, I'm old. What are going to do about it? I am what I am. Everybody has to come up with an excuse for a bad performance. I've come to realize in this business that lots of people are very fickle. It's, 'What have you done for me lately?' And so just a few months ago, we were sitting in the Super Bowl for the first time ever for the Arizona Cardinals and then my first game back, I'm already too old to play this game. It all depends on how you go out and perform. ...

"Does that mean I can't play? I don't think so. I think everybody around our facility sees it every day that I can still pull the trigger and I can still throw the ball. Every once in a while in this business you don't play to your standards and everybody else's, and unfortunately, that happened in Week 1."

Warner also embraced criticisms of the Cardinals as an inconsistent team that got hot late last season and cannot be trusted from week to week.

Warner: "I even look at our football team and I look at last year and, yeah, we got all the way to the Super Bowl and made a great run down the stretch, but throughout the course of the season, we were a very inconsistent football team. We were we were up one week and down the next. We never put it together week in and week out. And i think that is what it takes to earn the respect of anybody in this league. And we haven't done that. We had a great run and we played great down the stretch and we're not giving any of that back because we earned all that. But the key for us and the key especially with this organization and where we have been is, people want to see us do it consistently, week in and week out. And you already see at the beginning of this year, we haven't done that."

That's about a disarmingly as Warner could have put it. He was also direct in responding to Fitzgerald's frustrations, which came out through younger brother Marcus Fitzgerald's Twitter account (messages were subsequently deleted). Warner said he knew on the sideline during the game that Fitzgerald was frustrated. He was sensitive to the complaints but also said his job was to make the right decisions within the offense. He said Fitzgerald's production would come as long as Warner kept doing his job.