Rams not in 1992 Seahawks mode, but ...

Pat Yasinskas' item about the New Orleans Saints challenging the St. Louis Rams' single-season yardage record brought to mind how far the Rams have fallen.

The 2011 Rams have scored 13 offensive touchdowns, tied for the second-fewest during a 16-game season. Oakland scored 12 during the 2006 season. Those Raiders finished with 168 points, two more than the Rams have scored this season with one game remaining.

Not counting the strike-shortened 1982 season, only 16 teams since 1978 have finished a regular season with 200 points or fewer. The 1992 Seattle Seahawks managed only 140 points, the lowest figure in the 16-game era.

For perspective, I've put together a chart showing offensive vital signs for the current NFC West organizations associated with teams that failed to exceed 200 points since the NFL adopted 16-game schedules in 1978. I've also included information on the 2000 Rams, who scored 540 points and set the yardage record New Orleans could break Sunday.

The teams are ordered by points per game.


Offensive Comparison