You called it: Fearless predictions (Week 19)

Those predicting a San Francisco 49ers "upset" victory over the favored New Orleans Saints have come to the right place.

Those expecting a Saints victory are welcome, too.

2008-11 You Called It Repeat Winners

Simply use the comments section of this item to predict winners and scores for the divisional playoff round. Those making correct predictions will earn blog-wide renown through our enduring Wall of Fame. More on that in a bit. First, a look at the matchups:

  • Denver at New England.

  • Houston at Baltimore.

  • New Orleans at San Francisco.

  • New York Giants at Green Bay.

The chart above honors our repeat contest winners, including the recently added Superfuzz777 (I had overlooked his correct prediction for the Arizona Cardinals' 20-17 victory over Cleveland a few weeks back). A belated congratulations there.

The chart at the bottom shows all winners for the 2011 season. I saved predictions for the wild-card round and did not see any winners (no shame in missing that 24-2 score for the Giants and Atlanta Falcons). Let me know if I missed your correct prediction. Easily checked.

The bullet points below list one-time winners from 2008-10 in 10-person blocks, arranged alphabetically:

  • _Mr_Zero_, 2_Zero_Sickness, 49ers r golden, ahlycom08, allenjr16, alvaden, artman9865, asowinski33, ballsthompson, BrandonD28;

  • brobbb91, CardsCrush85, catterbu, ccolling7979, chahen, cloudturo, CoasterNiner, cobra7282, cole barrick, DiLune2;

  • DirtyDezzzzert, egravning, Elion245, fadein, fundadfor2, guillermoman, habitat730, henlex, IAmAtATotalLoss, IamJonasJones;

  • jayric81, Jeremy-Clark, Joe_Couch, John510asb, JohnnyBloodletter, juicy2446, kstaub869, Leesters, Lv4Sublime, MalibuRuffRider;

  • noahhasabs, pglenn33, pope_c_hawk, Primeau1203, redng0ld, RedRumRBS, Redzone59, RiWeagley, roadto_1, RVAninersFAN;

  • salukininer, SeahawkBell, Seahawks Ya Dig, skinavich, TACOREV, the_FREAKs_cousin, TLinkWC, ttmonee, vamp2q, whoknewitt;

  • wonderfuldan, workmantiny, WRESTLEMASTER24,

And now, on to the 2011 Wall ...

2011 You Called It Wall of Fame