Two great reads: One Harbaugh, one T.O.

The San Francisco 49ers' wide receivers combined to catch eight passes for 51 yards on 29 targets in two postseason games.

The team could have used another wideout, it appeared.

Yet, there was never any temptation or public clamoring for the team to reach into its past and risk altering its locker room by signing Terrell Owens. There still hasn't been chatter along those lines even after the 49ers lost in the NFC Championship Game while getting one catch, a 3-yarder, from their wide receivers.

Turns out Owens needed the 49ers -- or any NFL team -- more than the other way around. Nancy Hass of GQ Magazine has written a fascinating piece with Owens' cooperation. Owens sounds lonely and desperate. Bad investments have put him in a financial pinch and apparently left him at odds with long-time agent Drew Rosenhaus.

From Hass' piece: " 'I'm in hell.' That's what he texts back to people who ask where he is."

I wanted to share another good NFC West read, this one with direct ties to the current 49ers. Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com has taken a closer look at the emotion coach Jim Harbaugh showed following the game Sunday and Harbaugh's news conference Monday. Were those tears welling in Harbaugh's eyes as he reflected on the hours he spent following the game?

"From my from seat, less than 10 feet from where Harbaugh stood, it was obvious that a simple question prompted Harbaugh to lapse into unspoken introspection," Maiocco wrote.

Look, I'm not expecting the 49ers' division rivals to break out the Kleenex for a rival coach, but genuine displays of emotion following a tough defeat beat fake indifference any day.