Setting up (way) early at Lucas Oil Stadium

INDIANAPOLIS -- Five hours before kickoff seemed like a good time to arrive at Lucas Oil Stadium for Super Bowl XLVI.

The city skyline is clearly visible through the giant windows above the end zone with "New York Giants" emblazoned on it. Here's a shot of the field view from my seat on the Terrace Level. I'm in a corner and high enough to see the action, but not too high. My view will be looking over Bill Belichick's right shoulder as he faces midfield from the New England Patriots' sideline.

The natural light entering the stadium adds vibrancy to the yellow "Super Bowl" and "National Football League" signage separating the various stadium levels.

Brian O'Connell from the Seattle Seahawks is working the press area where I'm seating. He's crediting/mocking me for being the first one here, but hey, where else would a guy rather be on Super Sunday? There were no lines when John Clayton and I walked over from the nearby media center at the J.W. Marriott hotel.

The downtown setup has been perfect for a Super Bowl, particularly with the weather cooperating. The league has hard-wired Internet connections available, so our Super Bowl chat beginning two hours before kickoff should be easier to access.

Hope your Super Bowl Sunday is treating you well.