NFC West roided-out rosters: Updated

The St. Louis Rams currently have as many players left over from their 2009 regular-season finale as the NFC West-champion San Francisco 49ers.

I would expect that to change in a big way now that the Rams have a new coaching staff, new general manager and new overall direction. Even their majority ownership has changed since 2009.

They might not overhaul their roster the way Seattle has done; the Seahawks have a league-low 14 players from 2009 still with them. But change is coming to St. Louis.

The 26-column rosters I maintain allow for quick analysis by these and other parameters. They're available for download and contain information for every player to spend time on NFC West teams' rosters since about 2007. For example, sorting the Arizona Cardinals' roster by position will show the team's last 17 quarterbacks.

These rosters can be helpful as free agency gets going. I'll update them to show which players hit the market. The rosters do show when each current player's contract was scheduled to expire, to be updated as new information becomes available.

NFC West Turnovers: Players remaining from Week 17 of 2009 season