Seattle moves reflect sheer desperation

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Re-signing Koren Robinson and acquiring Keary Colbert from the Broncos give Seattle a couple of known quantities at the receiver position. That beats the alternative for a team that has lost six receivers to injury, including versatile backup quarterback Seneca Wallace.

The chances of the Seahawks bringing back Robinson seemed remote as recently as one week ago. But after Seattle lost two more receivers to injury, including Wallace, the team apparently felt it had little choice. We will surely hear much about how Robinson has made strides in breaking from his destructive and occasionally criminal past.

I stood with Robinson on the Seahawks' practice field on May 31, 2005, as he explained how he had turned around his life:

"I'm not stupid, man. I'm not going to be one of those people they talk about, 'Oh, he had the potential to be a great player but he let this, that and the third, so many distractions' -- that's not going to be me."

Six days later, Robinson blew a pair of .191s in blood-alcohol testing after a traffic stop in the Seattle area. The Seahawks cut him and Robinson's career has never recovered.

Re-signing Robinson at this point marks a stunning reversal for a franchise that has talked tough about drawing a hard line against players who qualify as habitual off-field offenders.

Colbert, meanwhile, had signed with the Broncos on the second day of free agency, presumably to be their No. 2 receiver. He never met expectations and no longer fit into the Broncos' plans.

Look for Robinson and Colbert to play relatively prominent roles in the short term while Seattle waits for Deion Branch and Bobby Engram to return from injuries.

Update: Seattle has also signed receiver Trent Shelton to its practice squad. He went to camp with the Seahawks.