Baalke couldn't bear to watch Super Bowl

INDIANAPOLIS -- General manager Trent Baalke showed respect Thursday for the team that knocked his San Francisco 49ers from the playoffs.

That doesn't mean Baalke wanted to watch the New York Giants or any other team in the Super Bowl.

Baalke, speaking from the NFL scouting combine, said he had not yet watched video from the 49ers' defeat to the Giants in the NFC Championship Game. He even scheduled scouting meetings for Super Bowl Sunday. Those meetings broke at 3:30 p.m. PT, giving staffers time to watch the game, if they chose to do so. But Baalke, player personnel director Tom Gamble and a couple others stayed in the office.

Was that by design?

"Pretty much," Baalke said with a laugh.

Baalke gave the Giants full credit for beating the 49ers at Candlestick Park. He would not suggest the 49ers, narrow losers to the Giants, also would have beaten New England.

"Those were two great teams," Baalke said. "It's not about us. Make it about them. These were two very good football teams that deserved to be there. The Giants did an outstanding job and came away with it, well deserved. My hat is off to them. They came out to our place and beat a good football team in the 49ers. They deserved what they got."