The good and bad for Dashon Goldson

Dashon Goldson earned roughly $2.1 million during the first four seasons of his NFL career.

Not per year, but total.

The San Francisco 49ers' safety, though disappointed when free agency produced no long-term deal last offseason, still nearly doubled his career earnings when he settled for a one-year, $2 million contract in 2011.

All signs have pointed to Goldson receiving the franchise player designation for 2012, with ESPN's Adam Schefter saying that will happen Friday.

The NFL has not yet revealed how much franchise players will earn, but projections for safeties suggest Goldson would receive about $6.2 million. That is less than the open market might bring following the first Pro Bowl season of Goldson's career, but it would represent about 150 percent of previous career earnings.

Goldson, who turns 28 in September, would have earned about $10 million for his first six NFL seasons. He would remain young enough to command a longer-term deal in 2013, but the $6.2 million figure would set a relatively high floor for negotiations. Goldson would need another strong season.