On Randy Moss' highly praised workout

The New Orleans Saints could use a diversion right now. Randy Moss could use a career jump start.

Put those factors together and we've got what happened Tuesday, a workout of convenience. Was it also one of substance? That was harder to tell given that all parties with access to the workout had a vested interest in a positive portrayal of it.

The Saints were naturally impressed, Moss was naturally thrilled and the NFL news cycle took notice. It was enough to revive talk about whether Moss would fit with this team or that team, including some in the NFC West.

"Could the 49ers be that team?" Facebook friend Edward asked.

They tried Braylon Edwards last season, proving they'll consider a big-name receiver with some baggage.

But the circumstances surrounding Moss' workout invite questions about the session's authenticity. The Saints are surely weary of the bounty investigation swirling around them. Bringing in Moss and singing his praises also comes while New Orleans' own receivers, Marques Colston and Robert Meachem, head toward free agency. The thought of an all-time great receiver entering the picture could be designed to affect the market.

As for Moss, did he retire following the 2010 season, or did the NFL lose interest in him? He played for three teams that season, finishing with 28 total receptions. He was not in demand last season.

Moss, having been out of football, is probably healthier and feeling better than he has in some time. If he does prove to be in shape and ready to contribute at a high level, Moss will presumably want to connect with an accomplished quarterback. He'll want a chance at the playoffs, which the 49ers could provide.

St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher was with Moss in Tennessee for part of the 2010 season. Fisher has spoken highly of Moss' presence in the locker room that year, but that might not mean much. While the Rams have major needs at receiver, a 35-year-old wideout coming off a one-year layoff wouldn't seem to fit the profile for a rebuilding team.