Around the NFC West: 'Get your butt into camp'

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Daniel Brown of the San Jose Mercury News passes along comments from Hall of Famer Jim Brown suggesting Michael Crabtree should sign with the 49ers and get on with his career. Brown: "My legacy is based on playing hard football, dedicated football. And today, that's what people remember. And today, it's the greatest asset that I got out of sports because people knew I loved the game and played hard. And they loved it. So my life, my quality of life is much better than if I had opted to make an extra couple of million dollars. It is not even a contest. So, Mr. Crabtree, get your butt in camp."

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee wonders whether the likemindedness of the 49ers' head coach and offensive coordinator might produce a boring product. Barrows: "The Singletary-Raye marriage is three games old, and there's time for their offense to evolve. But if it doesn't, there will be a new label for conservative, unimaginative offenses: Mikey Ball."

John Crumpacker of the San Francisco Chronicle says 49ers defensive lineman Isaac Sopoaga hasn't been able to reach family members in American Samoa following the tsunami that struck there this week. Sopoaga: "There's a couple family members were injured. Other than that, everybody is OK. There is no (telephone) line service. There's no way for me to get a hold of them."

Also from Crumpacker: Isaac Bruce says he's happy even though he has only 10 catches through three games and no 49ers wide receiver ranks among the top 58 players in receptions. Bruce: "I'm pleased with the progress. I'm happy. I never was the type to be crying for the football. I'm happy."

Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat checks in with 49ers receiver Jason Hill, who has become an afterthought. A related quote from coach Mike Singletary suggests that isn't going to change: "Jason Hill was injured with a hamstring, a groin, a this, a that and missed a lot of time. The thing in the National Football League is the things you did the year before is outstanding, it's great, but it only counts last year. Going forward, everybody has to earn that spot." Using the term "a this, a that" diminishes the injuries in a way that might invite one to question their legitimacy.

Bob McManamon of the Arizona Republic checks in with Cardinals defensive coordinator Billy Davis, whose defense ranks 20th on its way to ... the top? Davis: "This defense can go to the top of the NFL, and we will. ... I know we have the talent to do it. And I'm not going to back off of that because I know what I'm looking at. I just have to get them together and get it right."

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic says the Cardinals expect cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to miss no time after suffering a broken finger that required casting.

Also from Somers: Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt says the team expects to focus on details during its bye week.

Darren Urban of azcardinals.com says the team hopes to get its deep passing game going soon. Urban: "Much has been made of (Larry) Fitzgerald’s statistics this season as they wait for the unrealistic weekly production he had in the playoffs, when he put up totals worthy of eight games in just four: 30 catches, 546 yards, seven touchdowns."

Also from Urban: The Cardinals are not interested in re-signing Monty Beisel, despite suggestions to the contrary.

Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times says during a chat that Aaron Curry has met expectations to this point in the season.

Greg Johns of seattlepi.com updates the Seahawks' and Colts' injury situations in 326 words.

Also from Johns: Edgerrin James is downplaying his return to Indianapolis to face the team for which he gained more than 9,000 yards rushing. No special treatment, please. James: "I'm not a starter, so what are they going to do, point me out or something? That's what I'm saying. It's not that a big deal unless you're a starter and then it's a different deal. But here, my role is different."

Clare Farnsworth of seahawks.com says offensive linemen grew up dreaming they would become quarterbacks. Great quote from left guard Rob Sims: "I wanted to be a quarterback, but I got hungry."

Bill Coats of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says the 49ers and Rams have gone in opposite directions since each team took an interim coach and 2-7 record into their previous game at Candlestick Park. Coats: "The confidence factor can't be underestimated. Consider that the Rams and 49ers each are averaging 276 yards per game on offense, tied for 28th in the 32-team league. But Frisco is putting up 22.8 points per game, 10th-best, to the Rams' league-low eight. When the self-assured 49ers close in on the goal line, they usually find a way across it. In similar circumstances, the self-doubting Rams often find a way to mess up the opportunity. Defensively, the Niners are fourth in the NFL vs. the run, a telltale sign of sturdiness. The Rams are No. 29 in the same category."

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says Rams running back Steven Jackson impressed coach Steve Spagnuolo with an unknown gesture showing leadership. Spagnuolo: "I've seen nothing but great things. I'm going to tell you what, his greatness in that regard -- in the leadership regard -- is shining right now when it's not the best of times and the results haven't been what we want. ... There was something that he did that just meant the world to me, and I appreciate him and how he is going about things right now."

Also from Thomas: Donnie Avery and Kyle Boller must step up for the Rams against the 49ers.

Turf Show Times' VanRam thinks Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis should have received consideration for the NFL's rookie of the month award.