On news conferences for backup QBs

More than 80 reporters and at least 31 tripods were in place for the epic Tim Tebow introductory news conference at New York Jets headquarters.

The Jets signed up for the full Tebow experience when acquiring the quarterback from Denver. They are about to discover what it's like to have a player with a larger national footprint than the franchise. But if the organization were serious about reinforcing Mark Sanchez as its starter, why hold a nationally televised news conference for his backup?

Perhaps it was unavoidable given the demand and the market in question. Having Tebow appear alone, without coach Rex Ryan or team brass, was a smart move by the Jets in light of Sanchez's standing as the starter.

I was nonetheless struck by the contrast between the Tebow treatment and what awaited Matt Flynn when the Seattle Seahawks signed him as their likely starter and potential franchise quarterback. There was no news conference for Flynn. The team made him available on a conference call and told him he'd have to compete with Tarvaris Jackson.