Unofficial: 2012 NFC West draft choices

The NFL announced compensatory draft choices Thursday, including one for the NFC West -- 252nd overall, to the St. Louis Rams.

Knowing which picks are compensatory allows for calculation of the full draft order. The NFL has not released that information, so the following projections are not official.

I'll begin with the Rams' choices. They hold eight selections, including two acquired from the Washington Redskins.

2012 NFL Draft: St. Louis Rams Picks

The Seattle Seahawks fall next in the overall order among NFC West teams.

Seattle holds a seventh-round choice acquired from Oakland in the Aaron Curry trade. The Seahawks lost a fifth-rounder to Buffalo in the Marshawn Lynch trade, and a seventh-rounder to Detroit in the Tyler Polumbus trade.

2012 NFL Draft: Seattle Seahawks Picks

Arizona picks right after Seattle in the first round. The Cardinals sent their second-round choice to Philadelphia in the Kevin Kolb trade. Note: I've added a sixth-rounder to Arizona from the Tim Hightower trade.

2012 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals Picks

The San Francisco 49ers hold one pick per round, all their own.

2012 NFL Draft: San Francisco 49ers Picks

Update: Official draft order came out Wednesday. I adjusted seventh-round selections by one place in the order. These charts are now updated.