lWatch these guys when a flag flies

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Tackle Jonas Jennings leads NFC West players in penalties through two games even though a shoulder problem forced him to the sideline for much of San Francisco's overtime victory over Seattle in Week 2.

Officials have flagged Jennings for four penalties, one fewer than they have assessed against New England, Buffalo and Houston. Note the distinction between penalties called and penalties assessed. I track all penalties for players in the division; the league's penalty numbers do not include penalties declined.

Jennings' total includes three penalties against Seattle and one that Arizona declined in the opener.

Seattle was the NFL's least-penalized team last season, but the Seahawks already have 15 assessed penalties through two games, tied for eighth-most in the league and more than any team in the division. Arizona, the NFL's most-penalized team in 2007, has 12 assessed penalties through two games, tied with San Francisco for fewest in the division (opponents have declined four additional penalties against the 49ers). The Rams have 14 assessed penalties.

Dallas leads the NFL with 21 assessed penalties, followed by Green Bay (20) and three teams tied with 19. Officials assessed only 59 penalties against
Seattle last season, compared to 137 against the Cardinals.