Ex-Soviet leader no threat to draft secrets

NFL teams routinely fly their new draft choices to team headquarters for news conferences and initial meetings with team brass.

The Arizona Cardinals' upcoming flight plans include escorting former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev from Phoenix to New York.

Add this unusual arrangement to the list of notable flights featuring Cardinals president Michael Bidwill behind the controls.

Bidwill, a pilot, has previously used his plane to bring relief to hurricane-ravaged residents of Mexico, and to personally deliver former Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin from New Jersey back to Phoenix following a frightening injury against the New York Jets several years ago.

These aren't the sorts of stories that command our attention on draft day. Most fans would probably rather know in advance which players the Cardinals might be targeting in the seventh round. The glasnost Gorbachev brought to international relations hasn't made it to the NFL. Bidwill won't be escorting Gorbachev until after the draft, anyway.