Rating WRs: Larry Fitzgerald vs. Andre Johnson

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Texans-Cardinals matchup featuring elite NFL receivers led Paul Kuharsky and I to size up two of them, Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson.

Sando: There's so much to like about each of these receivers. I would have sided with Johnson a year ago. His superior speed gives him the better overall fear factor, but Fitzgerald's big-game production, increased attention to detail and striking development into a leader took him to another level.

Kuharsky: I'd happily put Johnson or Fitzgerald on my team as my No. 1 receiver. I've misperceived their speed in the past, but know now that Johnson has a large edge there. Give me two guys with similar capabilities who are about the same size, and I'll take the faster one. In this scenario, I'll take Johnson.

I haven't seen Johnson play nearly as much as I'd like to have seen him. Sunday represents a rare opportunity. It's one of the reasons I'm heading to Arizona in Week 5 even though the Falcons-49ers game is highly appealing.

With the focus on Fitzgerald and Johnson, wouldn't it be fitting if Anquan Boldin or even Steven Breaston enjoyed the most noteworthy performance? That shouldn't shock anyone if it happens.