Singletary: 'Come on, you're from the hood!'

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Thanks to 9ergocrazy for pointing out the terrific video showing Mike Singletary's coaching before, during and after the 49ers' victory over the Rams.

  • Best quote, after guard Chilo Rachal allowed a sack: "Chilo is going to make me knock him out."

  • Next best quote, while inquiring about Dre Bly's injury: "You got elbow or forearm? All right, he's all right. He's all right. Come on, you all right, youngblood. Come on, you're from the hood! You're all right. He's all right; he's from the hood. He's all right. Come on. Come on out of there."

The video shows how Singletary balances harsh criticism with genuine concern. I could watch it five more times without tiring of it. Great stuff.