Bucs claim Seahawks prospect off waivers

The Seahawks took a chance when they released a young player, Michael Bennett, to make room for tackle Kyle Williams on the active roster Sunday.

They lost Bennett to the Bucs in the process.

The Bucs claimed Bennett off waivers, which gave Bennett no say in the matter. A week earlier, the Seahawks made room for Williams on their roster by releasing fullback Justin Griffith. Griffith's status as a veteran protected him from waivers, allowing Griffith to re-sign with Seattle after the game.

I haven't asked the Seahawks whether they were intent upon re-signing Bennett. Their willingness to expose him to waivers means they were prepared to lose him, however. Bennett made a positive impression during the exhibition season. Seattle has good depth on the defensive line.

Update: The 49ers also claimed Bennett, but the Bucs had priority.