Colts' Limbaugh opposition in perspective

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

A beatnik who posed semi-nude for a newspaper and named John Lennon as his hero has come out against Rush Limbaugh as a potential NFL owner.

It's news because that beatnik who posed semi-nude and admires Lennon happens to own the Indianapolis Colts.

Jim Irsay's opposition, while no surprise, contributes to an overall climate that could at least in theory complicate Dave Checketts' efforts to keep the Rams in St. Louis. Limbaugh would be only a limited partner in the group Checketts is leading, but the relative size of Limbaugh's proposed ownership stake -- as yet undefined -- does not seem to be muting criticism proportionately. Limbaugh has defended himself.

Might Checketts ultimately seek another partner to avoid the headaches? Or will the current opposition settle down and pass?

On a side note, the most recent link included a clip showing Stephen A. Smith suggesting players were lying when they said they would never play for a Limbaugh-owned team. Rams running back Steven Jackson sidestepped the question during his weekly radio show.

"I would love to answer that question," Jackson said, "but when we have to cross that bridge, I'll make sure you guys are the first to know."