Mike & Mike: The case for Terrell Owens

August, 7, 2012
Count ESPN's Mike Greenberg and Linda Cohn think the Seattle Seahawks are smart for adding Terrell Owens to their roster.

They think a 38-year-old Owens presents the potential for fewer headaches than a younger, more financially empowered one.

It's a compelling case (audio here).

Greenberg: "There are not five teams in the NFL that have three receivers better than Terrell Owens is right now. I'll be you more than half the teams in the NFL don't have two receivers better than Terrell Owens is right now. And I'll take it another step. I'm not sure the Seahawks had one receiver better than Terrell Owens is right now. They have Golden Tate, the perenially injured Sidney Rice. I'm looking over their receiver numbers last year. Mike Williams. I know they had a lot of injury problems there. I know they had a lot of quarterback problems there. So, I'm not suggesting that they didn't have any talent. Sidney Rice, obviously when he was with Favre, had a very big year in Minnesota. But the notion that Terrell Owens can't go in there and help that team is ridiculous."

Cohn: "They are going to be a competitive team. Let me tell you, Matt Flynn, he is jnot sitting there talking to his buddies saying, 'Oh my goodness, T.O., he's going to be complaining in the huddle.' "



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