101ESPN St. Louis audio: Miklasz Show

Jeff Fisher's Tennessee Titans teams posted a 28-17 record in exhibition games from 2000 through 2010, his final year with the organization.

Jeff Fisher, 2000-10

Nobody cared.

But with perceptions mattering enough in St. Louis for the Rams to cancel future London games in hopes of quelling fears over franchise relocation, the team's 35-3 defeat in Fisher's exhibition debut had the potential to raise concerns.

Bernie Miklasz and I discussed the implications during our latest conversation on 101ESPN St. Louis. They've posted the audio. I've put together a chart of Fisher's preseason and regular-season records since 2000. Bernie and I also discussed:

  • Aldon Smith's status with the San Francisco 49ers (4:50 mark);

  • The feel on Randy Moss (6:27);

  • Russell Wilson's impact in Seattle (7:41).

I enjoyed Bernie's note on the Rams beating Indianapolis while going 4-0 during the 2011 exhibition season. We all know how much that victory meant. At the same time, the Rams will want their starters to look better than they did against the Colts on Sunday. I'll share some additional thoughts separately on one issue complicating those efforts.