Closer look at NFC West's 4-0 weekend

A few notes regarding the 4-0 record NFC West teams combined to produce in Week 2:

    • This 4-0 mark for one week was the NFC West's first since Week 10 last season. It was the second since divisional realignment in 2002.

2012 NFL Records Outside Division

  • Divisions have relatively few opportunities to go 4-0 in one week. The presence of even one division game or bye week on the schedule rules out the possibility.

  • The NFC West had five weeks featuring four non-division games last season. The division went 0-4 in Week 2, 1-3 in Week 4, 2-2 in Week 8, 4-0 in Week 10 and 3-1 in Week 15. Those records suggest improvement for the division. Put it this way: The NFC West has gone 11-1 in its last three shots at going 4-0.

  • None of the NFC West teams played a perfect or near-perfect game Sunday. Seattle might have come closest during its 27-7 victory over Dallas. Arizona's offense suffered multiple turnovers. Larry Fitzgerald finished with one catch. San Francisco endured multiple dropped passes and its first turnover in 26 regular-season quarters. St. Louis gave up a fumble return for a touchdown on its first offensive play. Later, Sam Bradford threw an interception in the end zone.

  • Every NFC West opponent in Week 2 won its opener. Three of the four -- Dallas, Washington and New England -- won on the road in Week 1. The Lions were a playoff team last season. It's not like the West loaded up on cupcakes.

  • Every NFC West team has held a fourth-quarter lead in each of its two games this season.

  • NFC West teams play four non-division games in Week 3: St. Louis at Chicago, Arizona vs. Philadelphia, San Francisco at Minnesota and Seattle vs. Green Bay