Talking NFC West on international stage

Surely you've seen those shaving commercials featuring razors with blades stacked one atop another.

"And then a fifth blade comes along and cuts just a little bit closer."

Well, this blog entry is the rough equivalent.

Not satisfied with the usual stack of radio conversations featured around here each week? Can't hear enough about the NFC West's upgraded status of late?

You're in luck because right about now, a fifth link (or however many it is) to Sando talking NFC West on the radio comes along.

"Gameday with Dave Naylor" originated from Toronto (specifically TSN Radio). You can check out Naylor's bio here and follow him on Twitter as well. He is TSN's football analyst.

We covered all four NFC West teams heading into Week 3. Dave asked about Alex Smith, Marshawn Lynch, Arizona's defense and whether the St. Louis Rams are the NFL's surprise team for 2012.