Good stuff from MNF replacement ref Elliott

October, 4, 2012

Wayne Elliott, the referee for the Seattle-Green Bay game featuring Golden Tate's disputed touchdown, offers new information during an interview with "Inside the NFL" on Showtime.

Among the highlights from Elliott:
  • Elliott thought the ruling for simultaneous catch was reasonable and that Mike Tirico's use of the word "simultaneous" in calling the play for ESPN showed as much.
  • Elliott did not make the call on the play, but if he had been the nearest official on the play, "I would probably call interception."
  • Also, Elliott said the NFL's training for replacement officials included instructions to refrain from making pass-interference calls in Hail Mary situations. Tate pushed off before the play, but as we've noted, officials rarely call interference in those situations.
  • Elliott admitted an error in the San Francisco 49ers-Houston Texans preseason game, noting that he learned from it. Elliott: "I learn a rule by screwing up a rule. ... I learned the two-minute, five-minute, if there is a penalty, the clock doesn't start no matter what the play before was, by screwing it up in the San Francisco-Houston preseason game."
  • Elliott on the replacement experience overall: "I had the time of my life."
  • Packers coach Mike McCarthy called Elliott last week to offer support after hearing Elliott was having a rough week. Elliott appreciated the call and the class McCarthy showed in making it.

We've covered this ground sufficiently, but this interview was illuminating and entertaining. I also enjoyed the colorful piece on replacement officials from ESPN's Liz Merrill and Wayne Drehs. That one includes notes from Elliott's crew surrounding the Packers-Seahawks game.



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