2012 Grid Challenge: Lineups reminder

SAN FRANCISCO -- Congrats to jasonmetrick for outscoring the more than 1,500 Gridiron Challenge entries for Week 5 in our little NFC West blog wing. He got 51 points from his wide receivers, Brandon Marshall and Marques Colston, while amassing 169 points.

This is a reminder to update your lineups before the remaining Week 6 games get underway Sunday.

My team is in the 73rd percentile after getting 128 points from Aaron Rodgers (26), Peyton Manning (25), Arian Foster (22), Marshawn Lynch (8), Brandon Lloyd (3), Julio Jones (15), Vernon Davis (10), David Akers (9) and the New York Giants' defense (10).

My lineup for this week is unchanged, except I've subbed in the Miami Dolphins' defense, figuring their game against St. Louis could be lower-scoring than the one between the Giants and San Francisco 49ers.

Best of luck this week.