Candlestick tailgaters have it made in shade

SAN FRANCISCO -- The guys from Tailgate32.com offered something of grade value Thursday in the sun-drenched parking lots outside Candlestick Park.


Their RV provided welcome cover for the only guy around wearing slacks and long sleeves (me).

They're tailgating in every NFL city during the 2012 regular season. One thing they've learned is that Thursday night games tend to lack the usual pregame buzz from a tailgating standpoint. They lack the history associated with Monday night games. And on the West Coast, people are scrambling from work just to make the 5:20 p.m. PT kickoff.

The atmosphere was still plenty festive outside Candlestick. My only regret was failing to steal any food off the Green Egg near their RV. I probably would have dripped sauce on my shirt, anyway.