Smith, Bradford and their 10 coordinators

Musical Coordinators: Smith vs. Bradford

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith enters Week 10 as a four-coordinator favorite over St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford.

Each man has run plays under three coordinators over the two-plus seasons since Bradford entered the NFL in 2010. Smith worked with four others previously.

Mike McCarthy, Norv Turner, Jim Hostler, Mike Martz and Jimmy Raye had already coordinated offenses featuring Smith when Bradford joined Rams in 2010. Smith, who worked with Mike Johnson following Raye's firing three games into the 2010 season, has found coordinator bliss under Greg Roman over the past two seasons.

Bradford appears to be adjusting well to Brian Schottenheimer's offense after playing for Josh McDaniels (2011) and Pat Shurmur (2010). But Smith is much deeper into his playbook with Roman. Their pairing has gone so well, in fact, that Roman could emerge as a head coaching candidate after the season.