Cosell's thoughts, plus QB pocket stats

2012 NFC West Total QBR by Location

Colin Cowherd's latest conversation with NFL Films analyst Greg Cosell closes with Cowherd asking Cosell whether Seattle's Russell Wilson is the real deal.

"Well, the film tells you that he is a pretty good player," Cosell replied.

The response sounded measured, but that tends to be Cosell's style. He doesn't have a hyperbolic mode.

"What I really like about him, he is very decisive, which is why he can make pocket throws because he does not allow the rush to get to him," Cosell said of Wilson. "And when the rush does get to him, his movement is very defined. He is not frenetic. He is not chaotic. He moves for a reason. He knows where everybody is and he can throw the ball extremely well on the run at the intermediate and deeper levels."

The chart shows Total QBR scores for NFC West quarterbacks based on whether they were inside or outside the pocket. The results reflect sacks, not just pass attempts. San Francisco's Colin Kaepernick has a 106.1 NFL passer rating from outside the pocket, but he has also taken five sacks on 32 dropbacks. Wilson has seven sacks on 107 of these outside-the-pocket dropbacks.

Wilson has 31 passing first downs from outside the pocket, nearly as many as the other NFC West quarterbacks combined (37). He also has six rushes for 29 yards. The rest of the division's quarterbacks have two rushes for six yards on these plays. Designed runs do not count in the totals.