XTRA910 AM audio: Smith, Flynn and Kolb

Three quarterbacks with substantial contracts and uncertain futures could be leaving NFC West teams in the coming offseason.

Kevin Kolb's contract with Arizona includes a $9 million salary for 2013. Alex Smith's contract with San Francisco includes a $7.5 million salary for 2013 that becomes guaranteed if he remains on the roster April 1 of next year. Seattle's Matt Flynn will be entering the second year of a three-year, $19.5 million contract with no shot at starting now that Russell Wilson has emerged as the Seahawks' long-term quarterback.

Dan Bickley and Mike Jurecki asked about Smith and Flynn specifically during our weekly Friday conversation on XTRA Sports 910 AM in Phoenix. They've uploaded the audio, which also includes thoughts on NFC West games in Week 16. Hope you enjoy.