Ryan over Kaepernick, right? You decide

Blog temperatures rose last week when I produced a chart questioning the perceived gap between Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers and San Francisco's Colin Kaepernick heading into the Packers-49ers divisional playoff game.

2012 Ryan vs. Kaepernick: Wk. 11-19

That item was intended to say, "Hey, check out the numbers on these guys and you might be less surprised if Kaepernick plays as well or even better than Rodgers plays."

Judging by some of the feedback I got, some apparently thought I was saying something closer to, "Kaepernick rules! Rodgers is overrated! Go, 49ers!"

You're free to interpret the chart at right however you wish to interpret it. For the record, the intended message is this: "Hey, check out the numbers on Kaepernick and NFC Championship Game counterpart Matt Ryan. Perhaps it wasn't a fluke that Kaepernick outplayed Rodgers and the 49ers won big."

Kaepernick set an NFL record for quarterbacks with 181 yards rushing against the Packers. He had four total touchdowns, two passing and two rushing. He passed for 263 yards as San Francisco finished with 579 net yards, the fourth-highest total in NFL postseason history.

Ryan and Kaepernick are different kinds of quarterbacks. Both have played at a high level. The chart shows their stats in the regular season and playoffs since Week 11, when Kaepernick made his starting debut.

Ryan's Falcons have defeated Arizona, Tampa Bay, New Orleans, the New York Giants, Detroit and Seattle over that span. They lost to Carolina and Tampa Bay.

Kaepernick's 49ers have defeated Chicago, New Orleans, Miami, New England, Arizona and Green Bay over that span. They lost to St. Louis and Seattle.