Did another Bears player throw a punch?

Referee Ron Winter and crew called 24 penalties, assessing 19, during the 49ers' 10-6 victory over the Bears on Thursday night.

Did they miss a flagrant one?

"I haven't seen any other columnists mention it, and it's extremely blatant," shane_esu writes in the comments section of this item.

Indeed, at the 2:48 mark of this NFL.com video, the Bears' Mark Anderson appears to punch the 49ers' Chilo Rachal in the head area. Rachal was trying to pull Anderson from a pileup following Frank Gore's fumble. Anderson took offense. He stood up, wheeled around and threw the punch. Niners tackle Adam Snyder saw the punch and appealed to an official, but there was no call.

It's important to give Anderson the benefit of the doubt here. We know the Bears' defensive linemen hold themselves to a higher standard. None of them had punched an opposing player in four days.