Jets' Smith: Boldin held no animosity

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Jets safety Eric Smith, fined and suspended for the hit that injured Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin in Week 4, said Boldin isn't holding him accountable. Smith said he called Boldin after the hit and left a message. Boldin was recovering from surgery.

Smith: "He couldn't talk because he had just had the surgery, but he texted me back. Basically, he didn't hold me accountable for anything. He knew I'm not a dirty player and he basically didn't want me to change my style of play or preparation."

Boldin hasn't said much about the incident beyond comments made Oct. 1. At that time, he called the incident "part of football" and said he didn't suspect Smith of bad intentions. Smith said the NFL is making an example out of him. We discussed the issue here at length.