Do not write off Seahawks' Kerney yet

At his best, Patrick Kerney was a dominant pass-rusher.

He turns 33 next month and "has been fighting his way through a lot of things" physically, coach Jim Mora said Wednesday.

KerneyIs he hurt? Could a defensive end hit Kerney's age and start to lose it?

"You could," Mora said. "I think it depends on the individual. Pat doesn’t have injuries that we’re not talking about. He's got the typical aches and pains that come with playing that position, a very physical position, defensive end, left end. He’s a guy who’s played a lot of years and had a lot of success in this league. I don’t know if there's an age where a guy isn't effective anymore. Everyone's different. One thing about Pat is he's a worker."

Kerney is in his 11th NFL season. He has 4.0 sacks, more than any other 11th-year player. Among players with more NFL experience, Jason Taylor has 5.5 sacks, followed by Trevor Pryce (5.0), Leonard Little (5.0) and Greg Ellis (4.0). Jeff Zgonina, in his 17th season, is the longest-tenured player with a sack. He has 2.0.

Do not write off Kerney just yet. In 2007, he collected 10 of his 14.5 sacks after Week 10, including three of them in Week 11.