Gridiron Challenge: Lay off Warner, please

A big "thanks" to Rams safety Oshiomogho Atogwe for helping with the Power Rankings and MVP Watch this week.

Now, about that hit on Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner. Yes, it was clean. Yes, Warner appears to be OK. Yes, those are the only things that really matter.

But how about giving Warner a gentler shove the next time I'm starting him in the NFC West Gridiron Challenge?

The chart shows the standings through Week 11. My wife has been downplaying the results week after week, pointing out how little effort she's putting into managing her team. But she was right there Monday to point out how her team outperformed mine in each of the last two weeks. Funny how that works.

Oh, well. Something to talk about this week while we're having Steak for Dinner -- again.

In closing, here's a hat tip to jsaint102313 for enjoying the highest-scoring Week 11 of the more than 2,000 entrants (165 points). He started Matthew Stafford (36 points) and Ricky Williams (30). Way to go.

NFC West Gridiron Challenge