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Thursday, October 23, 2008
Mailbag followup: Rams under Haslett

By Mike Sando

Posted by's Mike Sando

Brad from New Castle, Pa., wrote: I was just wondering if you had the numbers on where the rams rank on offense and defense these past two weeks only, in my mind that is how they should be represented, the 0-4 linehan start really hurts the team as far as these rankings go, because they are clearly a much better team then what they were just a few weeks ago

Mike Sando: I could figure it out by tallying yardage over the last two weeks. I could also get that from our research department, possibly. Let me work on that.

UPDATE: The Rams ranked 30th in offensive yards per game through the first five weeks of the season. They also rank 30th when we isolate only the sixth and seventh weeks.

The Rams ranked 31st on defense through the first five weeks. They have ranked 22nd over the last two weeks.

The offense is gaining about 16 additional yards per game during the two-game winning streak. The defense is allowing 57.3 fewer yards per game. That defensive figure would have been greater if the Cowboys hadn't gotten some cheap yards late in the game Sunday. But we have to figure that other teams also allowed cheap yardage.

A few other highlights in looking at the numbers:

Thanks to Jonathan Costa of the ESPN Research for dialing up these numbers and passing them along.