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Thursday, September 17, 2009
Personnel report: Rams running game

By Mike Sando

Posted by's Mike Sando
Rams Personnel Group in Week 1 Carries Yards Per Carry Pass Attempts Yards Per Attempt
Base 9 2.9 7 5.0
1RB-1TE 6 5.0 22 6.2
2RB-2TE 1 10.0 1 0.0
1RB-2TE 1 9.0 4 4.8
3TE 1 2.0 1 0.0
2RB-0TE 0 0.0 1 0.0
4WR 0 0.0 0 0.0
Totals 18 4.3 36 5.3

The Rams know they need to run their offense through running back Steven Jackson, but how should they make that happen?

Sticking with their base offense means pairing Jackson with fullback Mike Karney. Jackson was thrilled when the Rams signed Karney because he knew the potential benefits in the run game.

Putting Karney on the field with Jackson usually comes at the expense of second tight end Daniel Fells, however, and Fells has the athleticism to become an occasional receiving option. The Rams need all the receiving options they can get and Karney isn't going to help in that area.

Against Seattle, the Rams ran the ball nine times from their base offense -- two backs, two receivers, one tight end -- and averaged 2.9 yards per attempt. They gained 9 yards on their only carry with one back (Jackson) and two tight ends (Randy McMichael and Fells). They gained 10 yards on their lone rushing attempt with two backs (Jackson, Karney) and two tight ends. They gained 2 yards and the first down on their lone rushing attempt with three tight ends.
I'll be watching to see how the Rams run the ball across their various personnel groups. They signed Karney to pound the ball. Will they be better running the ball with Karney on the field? We don't have near enough evidence at this point. Just something to consider. One way or another, they need to run the ball effectively.

A few other things I noticed about the Rams in Week 1:

For one game, I think the Rams appeared more competent defensively. The mistakes they made on offense were correctable ones, namely penalties. They generally protected the ball offensively. They forced turnovers defensively. The score was 7-0 with 12 seconds left in the first half. The score was 14-0 deep into the third quarter.

The longer the game went, the more vulnerable the Rams were going to become. Their defense finally snapped and Seattle made a few big plays to put away the game. I never got the feeling of utter futility and disorganization that pervaded the Rams at times in the past. They simply aren't very talented or very good yet, but we knew that.