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Thursday, January 10, 2013
At the risk of taking Peyton's name in vain

By Mike Sando

When the Seattle Seahawks were preparing to face San Francisco a few weeks ago, quarterback Russell Wilson stopped practice to correct a defensive back's alignment so the offense could get the precise look it was expecting from the 49ers that week.

It reminded me of what I'd heard about Peyton Manning acting like a coach in practice.

Hall of Fame coach John Madden recently had this to say about Wilson on his SiriusXM NFL Radio program:

"I tell you, he is really an impressive guy. I heard him talking to you guys yesterday and I always thought, when Peyton Manning, when you used to talk to him it would be like talking to half player and half coach. Some part of the conversation it would sound like you were talking to a coach. And I was listening to you guys yesterday talking to Russell Wilson and I had that same feeling. I said, 'This guy's Peyton Manning. He’s half a coach.'

"He must have been one of those guys that back in grammar school he was the class president, in high school he was that leader, and all those things in college. I know he went to two colleges but wherever he was he just looks like the guy that, once he walks in a room, he has control of that room. Once he walks into any situation, he has control of it. And I felt last week in that game when they were down 14-0 and they just kept chopping wood, just kept playing, playing, playing, winning the game that at no point did he ever look like that stage was too big for him."

The praise for Wilson is piling up high and I know there's a breaking point for some on this stuff. Let's not enshrine a rookie in Canton, the thinking goes. But when someone with Madden's credentials makes an observation this specific, I'm going to pass it along.

Thanks to Sirius' Andrew FitzPatrick for sharing.