Personnel report: Keys for Seattle's improvement

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Seahawks were not bad against the Bears in Week 3. They could be much better if Seneca Wallace would throw more accurately and make better decisions, and if his teammates would catch the ball more consistently. This team is not far away from beating decent teams, even with several key Seattle players sidelined by injuries.

After charting the Seahawks' offensive personnel, I filtered the play-by-play report to show Wallace's 18 incomplete passes. My notes showed five passes too high or otherwise overthrown, three drops and one interception on a horrible decision to throw the ball underhanded while scrambling deep in Seattle territory. I think Wallace is generally a better player than he showed in this game, but that case becomes harder to make if he struggles against the Colts in Week 4.

It's not all bad for Wallace. He completed 5 of 7 passes for 70 yards when the Seahawks showed I-formation from their base offense. He averaged a healthy 7.6 yards per attempt on 12 overall passes from the base offense.

Five attainable keys for the Seahawks to improve right away:

  • Wallace making better decisions

  • Moving the pocket so Wallace, a shorter quarterback, can see the field better, perhaps helping him to avoid overthrowing receivers

  • Getting reliable fullback Justin Griffith back from injury

  • Improving the depth at cornerback, starting with Josh Wilson's potential return from an ankle injury

  • Getting a breakout game from defensive end Patrick Kerney

For download: Seahawks personnel report from Week 3. Includes personnel tendencies by down, in red zone and goal-to-go situations.