NFC West: Bill Simmons

NFC West deserves 'some' respect

September, 27, 2010
The headline is a play on the post-Week 1 item about the division deserving no respect.

I'm upgrading "no" to "some" after Bill Simmons' favorite division posted a 3-1 record in Week 3.

NFC West teams do not have a winning record against any other division since the beginning of last season, but a few more victories against the AFC West and NFC East could change that.

The chart shows how each NFC West team has fared against teams from its own and other divisions since the 2009 opener.

Mailbag: Firing back at Bill Simmons

September, 24, 2010
John from Seattle writes: Sando, love the blog and usually like Bill Simmons, but on this, he's dead wrong. What division sent the NFC representative to the Super Bowl more often than any other NFC division during the decade? That's right, the West. The Rams twice, the Cards and the Hawks.

You mentioned that since last season the Cards have a winning record outside the division. Please note that from 2004-2007, the Seahawks were 24-16 outside the division. That's more than respectable!

All of this piling on the NFC West needs to stop. The division will be just fine. Pete Carroll is already making strides with the Hawks in his first year, and it looks like the Rams struck gold with Sam Bradford.

Mike Sando: These things are cyclical. The Rams do have new ownership and a franchise quarterback. The Cardinals have stable leadership finally. The 49ers have improved their roster over the past few seasons. The Seahawks are still in the early stages.

The Rams went to the Super Bowl after the 1999 season and we can count that as part of the past decade because the Super Bowl game itself was played in early 2000. But that's going back quite a ways.

It's just tough to defend the division's overall won-lost record in recent seasons, especially coming off a week when the division went 0-4, losing even to the Oakland Raiders.

Red from Phoenix writes: So, the past couple days seems like I have been running into all this talk about how the weakest division is the NFC West. They can't win out of the their division. I don't know, but I remember the Cardinals going to the Super Bowl the other year. I remember the Seahawks going there, too, and I definitely remember the Rams winning one.

So, though we might not have the best record we win in the playoffs. What are the records for the divisions in the playoffs? I have a feeling the NFC West might have a better record than most.

Mike Sando: I went through playoff games since the 2005 season and found the NFC West to have the second-highest postseason winning percentage. However, this includes the wild-card round. Think how many more playoff games the AFC South might have if the Colts did not secure first-round byes so frequently. Also, the NFC East in particular has played playoff games against itself, affecting percentages.

But if you want to say the NFC West has the second-highest postseason winning percentage since the 2005 season, you would be correct. Or, for effect, you could say the NFC West is one of only two divisions with a winning record in postseason since 2005.

Ryan from Dallas writes: I was reading the article from Bill Simmons where he denounced the NFC West, calling us four of the most putrid squads in the NFL and basically saying we steal a spot in the playoffs from a better team.

Given that the Rams, the Seahawks and the Cardinals have all made it to the Super Bowl this decade, meaning roughly a third of the time, has any other division in the NFL matched or bettered that stat? It seems pretty harsh to minimize our division's success or failures to such a small portion of games. Am I right or just missing something here? Thanks as always for your feedback.

Mike Sando: The Rams' Super Bowl appearances predate the current alignment into eight four-team divisions. But if we go back to the Rams' appearance following the 1999 season, we can say that current NFC West and AFC East teams have each accounted for four Super Bowl appearances, more than other divisions. I have the AFC North, AFC South, NFC East and NFC South with three appearances apiece.

I don't think those totals offset the NFC West's recent overall mediocrity. They're worth taking into account, but not ultimately decisive, in my view.

Bill Simmons unloads on poor NFC West

September, 24, 2010
A guy with more than 1.2 million followers on Twitter dedicated more than 1,800 words to the NFC West.

Let's just say it's a good thing there's no such thing as bad publicity.

Except for one thing: Bill Simmons' solution would be to eliminate four of the eight divisional blogs on He didn't phrase it that way, but with visions of a 7-9 NFC West champ preventing a 10-6 team from participating in postseason, Simmons proposes realignment into four eight-team divisions as follows:
  • AFC East: New England, New York Giants, New York Jets, Buffalo, Philly, Baltimore, Washington, Carolina
  • AFC West: Oakland, San Diego, Kansas City, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, Arizona, St. Louis
  • NFC Central: Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Chicago, Minnesota
  • NFC South: Miami, Tampa Bay, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Tennessee, Atlanta, Jacksonville

The AFC West and NFC West would merge. This makes more sense geographically, although St. Louis and possibly Kansas City might be out of place in a division featuring mostly West Coast teams.

Arizona does have a winning record outside the NFC West since the start of last season. The rest of the division is 6-27 in those games.

The second chart shows won-lost records inside the division.

ESPN analysts leaning toward Cardinals

January, 16, 2009

Posted by's Mike Sando

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt, addressing reporters in a news conference that has recently concluded, repeated the line about nobody picking his team to win a playoff game.

While plenty have picked against Arizona to this point, the Cardinals are adding believers. Seven of the 13 forecasters to make picks on our site -- here and here -- are taking the Cardinals to beat the Eagles and advance to the Super Bowl.

Picking the Cardinals:

  • Seth Wickersham
  • Merril Hoge
  • Mark Schlereth
  • Keyshawn Johnson
  • Cris Carter
  • Tom Jackson
  • Bill Simmons

Picking the Eagles:

  • David Fleming
  • Eric Allen
  • Mike Golic
  • Mike Ditka
  • Ron Jaworski
  • Chris Mortensen

Allen and Golic played for the Eagles when the Cardinals were their NFC East rivals. is soliticing your picks here. And of course you can leave your prediction in the comments section of this item for a shot at joining our Wall of Fame.

Note: This item was updated after Jaworski and Mortensen made their picks. Thanks to cyclonem31 for the heads up.