Patrick Peterson's shoes fit in Canton

Arizona Cardinals rookie Patrick Peterson's size 12 shoes are headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame to commemorate his record-setting season as a punt returner.

The Hall will display the shoes Peterson wore while returning a punt 99 yards for a touchdown to beat the St. Louis Rams in overtime earlier this month. Peterson returned another punt 80 yards for a score when the teams played Sunday -- his fourth punt return for a touchdown in 11 games.

The Cardinals made the shoe-related announcement Tuesday. Peterson is also the NFC's special-teams player of the week for the second time.

Arizona's next opponent, Dallas, has allowed 11.3 yards per punt return this season. That ranks 21st in the league. Arizona averages 18.0 yards per return, which ranks second. The Cowboys have punted 44 times, leading to 26 returns and 11 fair catches. They allowed a 55-yard punt return to the Washington Redskins' Brandon Banks two weeks ago.