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Mailbag: Assessing the Seahawks' needs

February, 8, 2009

Posted by's Mike Sando

Greg from Vancouver, Wash., writes: Starting the post-Holmgren era in Seattle, what do you see as the three biggest needs for the Seahawks this offseason, and how would you address them in the draft and free agency?

Mike Sando: Getting healthy doesn't really count as a traditional need, but the Seahawks need Patrick Kerney, Walter Jones and Matt Hasselbeck to succeed in their rehabilitations.

Beyond that, the Seahawks should upgrade their pass rush, find another strong defensive tackle to pair with Brandon Mebane, stabilize the situation at receiver and rebuild continuity on the offensive line. Every team wants to upgrade its pass rush, but the Seahawks badly need to do this if they hope to maximize substantial investments at linebacker and cornerback.

Seattle will try to achieve these things through the draft, obviously, and through coaching changes. They think their new staff can realize production gains by pushing players harder. If this happens, Tim Ruskell and Ruston Webster will become better personnel people overnight. Some of the players they selected haven't met expectations to this point. The new coaches need to maximize those players' talent.

I'll be watching to see if the Seahawks take chances in free agency. They invested lots in Kerney and he has rewarded them with top-notch play when healthy, but they might wind up getting only two or three really good years from him.

Nathan from parts unknown writes: If the Cardinals do not pick up Warner (which would be a shame) could Haley try to pick him in order to maybe have a chance at the playoffs especially with a veteran like Gonzalez and a stud like Bowe? And better yet if they could get rid of Johnson and replace him with Brandon Jacobs wouldn't this make the Kansas City offense a very good one?

Mike Sando: Agreed, the Chiefs would be instantly competitive on offense if that were to happen. I just do not expect Kurt Warner to uproot his family and start over with new teammates. The Cardinals need to protect themselves from losing Warner, even if it means naming him their franchise player.

Joe from Pennsylvania writes: Hey Mike, quick question. What type of compensatory draft pick do you suppose the Rams might get for losing Isaac Bruce last season? By that I mean 'how high,' if anything.

Mike Sando: The Rams released Isaac Bruce, so they will receive no compensation. The formula for compensatory picks reflects overall net gains minus overall net losses in free agency. The Rams signed Josh Brown, Jacob Bell, Anthony Becht, David Macklin and Reche Caldwell. They lost Milford Brown and Brandon Chillar.

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