NFC West: division records

The San Francisco 49ers have won their last two games and four of five. They are 6-2 overall.

The rest of the NFC West is slipping at the midpoint.

Arizona has lost its last four, including a 24-3 decision against the 49ers on Monday night. St. Louis has lost its last three, including a 45-7 blowout to New England on Sunday. Seattle has lost its last two, both on the road against 2011 playoff teams.

Overall, the NFC West has posted a 1-3 record in each of the past three weeks.

Seattle's victory over New England was the only NFC West victory in Week 6. The 49ers have posted the only NFC West victories in the past two weeks. Both came against division opponents.

Teams from the NFC West are now 12-10 against teams from other divisions. San Francisco, Arizona and Seattle are a combined 11-5 in those games. The Rams are 1-5 in them.

Together, NFC West teams are 1-0 against the NFC South, 3-1 against the NFC East, 5-3 against the AFC East and 3-6 against the NFC North.

The non-division record figures to slip further when Arizona visits Green Bay and Atlanta for its next two games.

Seattle will be favored at home against Minnesota and the New York Jets over the same span, however.

West putting home records to the test

October, 10, 2012
NFC West teams are 10-0 at home this season.

Arizona and San Francisco own two of the NFL's longest regular-season home winning streaks. Those streaks will be on the line in Week 6, as the chart from ESPN Stats & Information shows.

Thanks to Facebook friend M.W. for posting division-by-division home records on my wall Wednesday. The link is visible only to friends, but ...

ESPN's division-by-division standings show the NFC West going 4-0 against the AFC East, 3-0 against the NFC East, 3-3 against the NFC North and 1-0 against the NFC South regardless of venue.

This week will put those records to the test.

St. Louis faces a potentially tough matchup on the road against Miami. Seattle has a difficult home game against New England. San Francisco is home against the Super Bowl champion New York Giants. Arizona has to like its chances at home against reeling Buffalo, but the Cardinals face enough questions on the injury front to invite at least some pause.

Big jump for NFC West outside division

December, 26, 2011
Week 17 features only division games in the NFL. That means we now know final non-division records, a subject of interest for NFC West fans weary of hearing about just how bad the division has been in recent years.

NFC West teams went 18-22 overall outside the division, tied with teams from the AFC West for the sixth-best (second-worst) record. The AFC South owns the worst non-division record by far.

Teams from the NFC West went 7-9 against the NFC East, 6-10 against the AFC North, 2-2 against the NFC North and 3-1 against the NFC South. The San Francisco 49ers were 8-2 outside the division, losing only to Dallas and Baltimore in non-division games.

The NFC West's 18-22 record in non-division games marks a five-game improvement from last season, when teams from the division went 3-13 against the NFC South. The St. Louis Rams' two victories this season were against New Orleans and Cleveland.