NFC West: Donald Butler

A few notes on the choices NFL teams hold in the 2011 draft:
  • The Seattle Seahawks have acquired a league-high four selections from other teams. They have a fourth-rounder acquired from New England for Deion Branch; a fifth-rounder from Baltimore for Josh Wilson; a sixth-rounder from Detroit for Lawrence Jackson; and a seventh-rounder from Cleveland for Seneca Wallace.
  • The high number of acquired picks reflects the team's decision to get value for players it did not envision keeping for the long term.
  • Only three teams -- New England, San Diego and Denver -- own picks in the first three rounds acquired from other teams. The Chargers have two, including the third-rounder they acquired from Seattle in the Charlie Whitehurst deal.
  • The Seahawks have also given up a league-high four 2011 picks, including selections in the third, fourth, sixth and seventh rounds. Those picks helped to acquire Whitehurst, Marshawn Lynch, Kentwan Balmer and Stacy Andrews.
  • The Arizona Cardinals are without the seventh-round pick they sent to the New York Jets in the Kerry Rhodes deal. They also parted with a 2010 fourth-rounder.
  • The St. Louis Rams are without the sixth-round pick they sent to Baltimore in the Mark Clayton trade. They have the Ravens' seventh-rounder as part of that deal.
  • The San Francisco 49ers hold the Chargers' fourth-round pick as part of a deal made with San Diego during the 2010 draft. San Diego sent the 91st and 173rd choices of the 2010 draft, plus the 2011 fourth-rounder, to San Francisco for the 79th pick last year. The Chargers drafted linebacker Donald Butler. The 49ers drafted NaVorro Bowman and Anthony Dixon with the picks from San Diego.
  • The 49ers also hold Seattle's sixth-rounder from the Balmer deal and a seventh-rounder acquired from the Detroit Lions in the Shaun Hill trade.

So many of the picks mentioned above were acquired in deals involving veteran players. Those types of deals will not happen during a lockout.

Around the NFC West: Vetting Khan

March, 24, 2010
Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says NFL owners want to know more about Shahid Khan before approving his bid to purchase at least 60 percent of the Rams. Texans owner Bob McNair, speaking in general terms and not specifically about Khan: "You want someone that's going to represent the league well in that city. I guess if it were someone that had a reputation as being a bad business person, or not treating people fairly, or not paying their bills, or something that would be very negative, you wouldn't want someone like that as a partner. Because he'd be a poor reflection on you. So there are things other than just the financial issues that have to be looked at."

Also from Thomas: Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo played in a golf foursome with Jeffrey Lurie, John Harbaugh and Brad Childress.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee says Barry Sims re-signed with the 49ers in part because he wanted to continue relationships with teammates on the offensive line. He also visited the Redskins. Sims: "You have to establish relations with everybody. I would really miss the guys in San Francisco because we have such a great group of guys."

Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat says Sims is looking forward to serving as a mentor on the line. Sims: "If they do draft an offensive lineman, I'd love to have him and I like working with young guys and try to mentor him -- like some of the older guys did for me when I got into the league. It's a lot different than college. To have someone been there and done that take you and show you how it's supposed to go, it's a fun role to have."

Daniel Brown of the San Jose Mercury News says Sims was tempted to follow former 49ers line coach Chris Foerster to the Redskins, but he didn't want to leave the Bay Area after spending his entire career playing for the Raiders or 49ers.

Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times says this about Seahawks tackle Ray Willis during a recent chat: "Ray Willis' fit is going to be a question. Willis wasn't considered a fit for Alex Gibbs' blocking system when he came out in the draft in 2005. Now, he's played five seasons and has a balky knee. We'll see what happens."

John McGrath of the Tacoma News Tribune has some suggestions for former Seahawks coach Jim Mora, noting the improbability of Mora's claim that he'd never heard of Charlie Whitehurst. McGrath: "Clemson is 86.7 miles away from Flowery Branch. The coach on a crusade against lies and deception wants you to think he’s never heard of quarterback who starred on a campus that’s 86.7 miles away from where Mora used to work, who grew up in the same Atlanta suburb (Duluth, Ga., population 26,000) where Mora once lived, who retired as the third-leading passer in ACC history, who outplayed Jay Cutler in the Senior Bowl, who was drafted in the third round and went on to throw 51 passes against Seattle over two preseason games. Uh, sure. Mora either was fibbing in an attempt to ridicule his successor’s signature transaction, or he really is as clueless as his most vitriolic critics have submitted on the blogs."

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic runs through recent moves made by the Cardinals. Tight end Ben Patrick, safety Hamza Abdullah, fullback Nehemiah Broughton and receiver Darren Mougey have signed with the team. Somers: "Mougey entered San Diego State as a quarterback but spent his final two seasons at receiver. At 6-5 and 215 pounds, he has good size. He was with the Falcons for part of training camp last season but was cut in early August."

Also from Somers: The Cardinals will have a hard time finding a suitable replacement for Karlos Dansby in the 2010 draft. Might Donald Butler or Pat Angerer make sense in the middle rounds?

Darren Urban of suggests recently signed Cardinals outside linebacker Joey Porter might have some business with new teammate Reggie Walker, who wears the No. 55 jersey Porter has worn. Clark Haggans: "I'm staying out of that one."



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